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About Edman Sanat

About Edman Sanat

In the name of God

A New Name, Extensive Experience

Edman San'at Company, with registration number 411293, is expert in selling

and distributing the best quality brands of industrial tools. Thanks to extensive

experience and longtime presence in industrial markets, Edman San'at, along

with other coworkers all over the country, has made sustainable development

and continuous improvement the basis of the company's activities.

Corporate Governance

Edman San'at board of directors executes enacted programs and monitoring

process in two ways. One is done through executive committees and the other

via specialized committees established in the team.

Executive committees

There are 4 active executive committees in Edman San'at:

1.       Executive committee of education and research

2.       Executive committee of sales unit and customer service

3.       Executive committee of systems analysis and design

4.       Executive committee of marketing and market development

Executive committees are limbs for departments that are under the

responsibility of the related sections.

The duties of executive committees are as follows:

1.       Policy making and designation of the committees' strategies

2.       Focusing on a systematic approach to overcoming challenges of the

departments that act under the committees' authority

3.       Decision making about committees' special issues

Company's Policies

Edman San'at Noor Company started importing and distributing industrial tools

across the country in 2003, and it was officially registered in 2011. Promoting

the quality of its services and offering best quality products, this company has

managed to gain more market share and obtain high level of customer

satisfaction. To this end, this company is operating according to the following


·         Recognizing and understanding the needs of customers and making an

effort to cover them all to gain their satisfaction

·         Constant training of human resources to increase their knowledge and

understanding as valuable assets of the company

·         Introducing Edman San'at Company as a reputed, profitable, capable and

committed organization to the society, and respecting human values and

professional ethics

·         Increasing the efficiency and improving service quality to minimize

project rework

·         Constantly working on ongoing improvement of the organization's

function and quality of service provided for the customers and also

making the company's business process effective

To realize the above goals, the organization's processes are accomplished

congruent with ISO 9001:2008 and quality goals. All personnel are required to

act according to quality policy and customers' needs in accomplishing the given

assignments in a responsible manner.

Management agent in quality management system should make every effort to

preserve the system and observe its function and table its efficacy level in

appropriate time and in management review meetings so that necessary actions

will be taken for improving the quality management system efficacy.

Needless to say, quality policy and the organization's goals are reviewed in

management reviews to ensure continued appropriateness.

Edman San'at mission

There are six main headlines that shape our missions:

1.       Developing organizational, managerial and administrative capabilities in sale and after-sale services.

2.       Increasing competitiveness in the market through decreasing the prices, improving efficiency and quality, and developing capabilities and potential in the field of industrial tools.

3.       Creating and developing engineering design knowledge, executive technology, transferring up to date technical knowledge in the field of industrial tools

4.       Increasing the use of local solutions in the customer services department

5.       Participation in attracting domestic investment

6.       Developing the capability of personnel and representatives in offering good services using potential facilities of the country to help executive technology flourish

The Company's perspectives

Edman San'at Noor is a commercial organization in the field of industrial tools with considerable diversity and variety that considers excellence of the industry and its customers in the field of tools and also gaining their satisfaction the basis of all company's activities.

Offering distinguished goods and services and providing an appropriate combination of reasonable price, quality and great access,

Edman San'at Noor will be known as the market leader of tools industry all over Iran in 5 years' time.

Three fundamental principles constitute the basis of Edman San'at Noor products:

1.       Appropriate after-sale services

2.       Good quality

3.       Reasonable price

Human dignity constitutes the cornerstone of Edman San'at Noor after-sale services, and this company views human resources as its valuable assets and emphasizes the fact that business based on social values of the target market is the only way to success.

Edman San'at Noor does not hesitate in utilizing the latest technology and information technology to realize the above goals.

In this regard, this company always supports systematic and creative ideas and considers them critical in its development.

The products offered by Edman San'at Noor are tools meant for improving the operation of other industries and are reliable choices for those looking for value


That is why "Edman San'at Noor products are industrialists' right-hand assistant".