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Generators are machines that convert one form of energy into another form , which most of the time this energy is mechanical energy that get converted into electrical energy. there are two main types of generator. One type is portable and the other is standby generators. Generators can be used for camping , home, jobsite , RV , etc. They work with gasoline or natural gas or liquid propane gas.   Some of the generators are manual, but the other , when the power goes out , backup power supply starts automatically. Usually generator for places like home are like this and deliver power during an outage automatically and can back up the entire home. Generators can be used for business during a power outage. As power failure is inevitable , by having a good generator , you can be sure that you are available for business all the time and this is absolutely an advantage over your competitors. Commercial generator are available in different sizes for any application. They are modern and very strong and are suitable for both emergency power and standby.
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Displaying 1 to 23 (of 23 products)
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