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Power Planers

Power planers are popular tools in carpentry. They are mostly used for trimming as they remove saw marks and other rough marks , easily. They are also great for sizing of timber , smoothing of the edges, shaping wood for things like furniture , etc. They are fabulous tools for fitting doors. Both full sized door and small ones like cabinet doors can be worked on perfectly well with this tool. In comparison with hand held planes , Power Planers are more quickly, more efficiently and accurately and you can do the job with them effortlessly. Power planers have cutter heads that is aligned with the rear part of the tool’s base; the front shoe of old models can be adjusted to control the depth of cut. Now a days, depth of cut in Power Planers are adjusted by a control knob that is placed on top the front part, which made it easier. To use a power planer you just need to Clamp your workpiece and then guide the plane along the path you wish to be planed. A little force is needed so you need to control the tools using both hands. For this to be done, you can guide the plane with your left hand and with your right hand take care of the balance of the tool in the rear part.
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