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(You won't believe these facts about people (part.1

News Summary:

There are facts about human beings that may astonish you.

News Content:

1. The human ear shape can be used for identification with 99.6% accuracy.

The shape of the human auricle (the outer, visible part of the ear) is unique to each individual. It represents a viable means of personal identification. While fingerprints may be worn away and DNA is difficult to obtain without an invasive procedure, the shape of the ear is easy to map with computer software, and rarely changes over a person's lifetime.

2.  Drinking coffee might help some people live longer.

More than one long term study has shown that regular coffee drinkers tend to live longer than people who don't drink coffee. So far scientists have not identified exactly what it is about coffee that causes this benefit.

3. It is actually possible to die of laughter.

There have been numerous historical deaths attributed to laughter. While laughing itself is not deadly, a laughing fit can place stress on the heart and lungs. If a person is already ill, weak or subject to a deadly condition, a fit of laughter can push them over the edge to cardiac arrest or asphyxiation. Needless to say, this is very rare and, overall, the health benefits of laughing outweigh the risks.

4.Children learn between 4000 to 12000 new words each year from reading books.

One study showed that children can learn up to 12,000 words per year from reading books alone. The average child will pick up around 2000-3000 words per year from their normal education. This amount increases dramatically if the child reads independently, even for as little as ten minutes per day.

5.Less than 5% of baby's are actually born on their due date.

 Around 80% of women will go into labor between weeks 37 and 42 of their pregnancy, but the majority of women will not give birth on their exact due date. Knowing the due date is still important, however, as doctors will use it to determine whether a fetus is developing on schedule

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