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(You won't believe these facts about people (part.2

News Summary:

There are facts about human being that may astonish you.

News Content:

6. People who are creative tend to live longer.

One study found that the more creative the person, the lower their risk of death. Other studies have linked longevity with creative activities or careers. Researchers believe that this may stem from creative types being more able to manage stress and maintain a healthier brain through creative thinking.

7. People who live at high altitudes tend to live longer than those who live at sea level.

Living at a high altitude forces the body to adapt to lower oxygen levels, which may cause physiological changes in the way the heart works. This seems to benefit some people, and increases average life expectancy by one to four years.

8. Having houseplants around can increase your attention span.

More than one study has shown that students and other professionals will show increased attention spans when they can see plants from their desk. This seems to be related to another finding, that concentration can be improved by exposure to natural environments

9. Most people fall asleep within seven minutes of lying down.

One way to measure the different stages of sleep is by the types of brain waves that occur during each stage. Alpha waves are identified with the first stage of sleep, which is similar to meditation or deep relaxation. When a person passes from alpha waves to theta waves, they are truly falling asleep. Moving from alpha to theta takes around 5-10 minutes, with 7 minutes being the average.

10. Only about 2% of population have green eyes.

True green is considered to be the rarest eye color in the world. This color is most common in people with North and Central European descent, but they are also found in people with heritage from the Middle East and Asia. While eye color was once thought to be controlled by only one or two genes, scientists now believe up to 12 genes influence eye color. This can make it difficult to accurately predict what eye colors people might inherit from their parents. 

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