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Store Dot's new battery can fully charge your phone in 30 seconds

News Summary:

This is a new thechnology, they have never been developed before

News Content:

A new battery developed by researchers at StoreDot, a technology company that is able to store a super-high charge so fast, it can charge your smartphone in 30 seconds flat.

Demonstrated at the Microsoft Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv earlier this year, StoreDot's prototype battery fully charged a dead Samsung Galaxy S4 in just 26 seconds.


While StoreDot's prototype device is far from ready - right now it’s too bulky and awkward to be a viable product - the team has predicted that it will be ready for commercialization by late 2016. They expect a slim, smartphone-friendly iteration to be on the market by early 2017, and it will be able to pump your phone with a day’s worth of energy within seconds.

"These are new materials, they have never been developed before," founder and chief executive of StoreDot, Doron Myersdorf, told Reuters. He’s talking about special ‘nanodots’, which are artificial peptide molecules that the company synthesizes and releases into the battery to rapidly increase its absorption and retention of power.

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