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(Avegant Glyph: The big screen that you wear on your face (but it’s not VR

News Summary:

You will have a 65-inch TV screen floating in space right in front of you.

News Content:

You’ve probably heard plenty about all the virtual-reality (VR) headsets that will be weighing down nerdy heads later this year: Very expensive goggles that you can put on and, by turning your head, look around inside your video games.

 (The company’s name is constructed from the founders’ last names spelled backwards: Edward Tang and Allan Evans.)

The idea is sweet: Imagine a pair of great-sounding headphones whose headband rotates down over your eyes to become a 65-inch TV screen floating in space right in front of you. Suddenly, you’ve got a whole darkened movie theater all to yourself.

What you see looks something like this:

You can watch movies, TV shows, and games, or even work on your laptop using this “screen” as your monitor. The whole idea is to let you watch things in private, whether at home or on long plane flights.

Getting ready to Glyph

The Glyph really is a contraption. It weighs about a pound, so figuring out how to hang that thing on your head comfortably for hours is a challenge that Avegant hasn’t completely solved.

First, you choose a nose piece — one of four snap-in, rubberized bridges to accommodate a range of nasal formations. 

Then you put the Glyph on and press an ejecto-button to make the eyepieces pop out of the band. 

Next you adjust the distance between the left and right eye holes, using two separate sliders. Then you have to focus each eyepiece independently, turning a ring around each eyepiece as you close the other eye.

Finally, if it feels too heavy on your head, you can attach a strap that goes over the top of your head.

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