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(Keyboard shortcuts you probably don't know (part.1

News Summary:

Did you know there are plenty of other useful-not to mention pretty darn cool-key combinations out there? 

News Content:

Most expert computer users know the basic keyboard shortcuts, like pressing Control (Ctrl) + P on a PC to print a document. But did you know there are plenty of other useful-not to mention pretty darn cool-key combinations out there?

1. Add a Bookmark

Tab your new favorite website for easy access by bookmarking the page with the following quick trick.

PC: Ctrl + D

Mac: Apple key + D


2. Delete Forever


When you know you want to nix a file forever-instead of sending it to clog up the recycling bin first––tap the keys below.

PC: Shift + Delete


3. Close Browser

Whether your boss walks up while you’re reading gossip blogs or your husband comes in the room while you’re buying him a gift, close your browser, stat, with this shortcut.

PC: Alt + F4

Mac: Ctrl + Q


4. Show Desktop

If you have lots of windows open on your computer and you want quick access to your desktop-or a super-quick way to hide your work-hit the following keys.

PC: Window key (see right) + D

Mac: F11


5. Find Files or Folders

Forget painstakingly searching all of your folders to find one file. The shortcut below will do the searching for you.

PC: Window key + F

Mac: Apple key (see right) + F


6. Change Zoom Level

Whether you’re working on the Web or in a word processing program, zoom in or out with this command.

PC: Ctrl + scroll mouse wheel

Mac: Apple key + plus sign; Apple key + minus sign


7. Reopen Previous Tab in Browser 

Have you ever accidentally closed the browser tab you were looking at and had to spend time backtracking to find it again? The shortcut below will restore that page to you almost instantly. 

PC: Ctrl + Shift + T

Mac: Apple key + Z


8. Switch Between Open Programs

Navigating between open screens can get confusing. Make it easy to move among all your programs with this quick trick.

PC: Alt + Tab

Mac: Apple key + Tab

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