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How could I read more books

News Summary:

Agatha Christie read 200 books every year, while Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gets through a book a fortnight. President Theodore Roosevelt read a book a day, and increased this to two or three when he had a quiet night. But how can mere mortals get through more

News Content:

A professional reader's livelihood depends on their ability to race through words. Last year Sutherland finished a new book approximately every 2.4 days. "I turn four pages at a time if I have to," Sutherland says, "whereas most people like to enjoy their reading. Even I tend not to read more than one book a day… unless there is a gun pointed at my head."

As a schoolboy, Tony Buzan was given a secret speed-reading test. He was pleased with his score of 213 words per minute. "I thought, wow, I must be a pretty fast reader. But then I asked a girl in my classroom and she had scored over 300. I was crushed."

Buzan decided to improve his skills. He practised speed-reading at home and researched the physics of the eye, as well as learning about fixation (also known as eye focus) and chunking (grouping words together so they can be read as a single chunk)

Buzan discovered that he could read more quickly after physical exercise. Before long, he had doubled his reading speed

Now a speed-reading and memory consultant, Buzan believes the number of books we read is important. "Instead of reading, say, 1,000 books in my lifetime," he tells me, "I might now read 2,000. And that could change my life."

Tony Buzan's tips for reading quickly 

Learn how to use your eyes to read faster

Become physically fit, to give your brain more oxygen

Learn how to memorise chapters and even whole books

Read about the brain and its workings

Form a speed-reading and studying team with friends

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