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5mobile apps to manage your personal finance

News Summary:

Now a days, money apps are capable of doing much more than keeping track of just your finances

News Content:

According to TechCruch, there are about 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally. This figure is estimated to reach 6.1 billion by 2020. With the increase in smartphone usage, it’s no wonder the number of mobile apps out there to help people manage their daily lives such as schedules, exercise and personal finance. Money apps in particular are now capable doing much more than keeping track of just your finances. They can also provide detailed analysis of your personal finance along with suggestions to save money. If you’re wondering which apps you should consider, below are five apps to help you get started

My Budgets

As the name suggests the app is about managing your budget. The app starts off by asking individuals to set a budget for certain expenses such as travel, dining, etc. For every expense, you need to apply it to an appropriate category which can later help you identify your current budget status. The mail purpose of this app is to manage your budget and not about saving money. It also supports UAE currency and is free to download for Android and iOS users.


Wally has a simple interface and is easy to use. Users can input their monthly income and tally is against their expenses. This app even allows users to tag places, upload images of receipts and add notes against expenses. Users can even create a saving plan to help them guide their personal finances. The app supports all currencies and can be downloaded for free from iOS and Android

Spending tracker

This app requires users to first input daily outgoings along with setting limitations for each category such as travel, personal, gifts etc. It then notifies users on regular basis on their latest financial status with suggestions on where expenses could be reduced. The app also provides complete summary of your expenses and savings in a single interface making it easy to understand. It is available for free download for both iOS and Android

Money Monitor

If you wish to manage your personal finance, Money Monitor can help you achieve your goals. The app can be linked with your credit cards, loans, bank accounts and complied data can be viewed in a single interface. The app even provides suggestions based on your financial habits such as credit card offers. It even advises on ways to save money in terms of which credit card to use when making a purchase at a particular store. It is available for free download on iOS and Android


This app is ideally designed for frequent travelers to record their miles, manage multiple accounts, travel plans along with real-time flight updates. It can also be synced with your bank accounts and credit cards, reducing the hassle to input each and every expense into your app. When you make any purchases with your credit card, an entry will be automatically made in the expenses category within the app. If you have a receipt for cash purchases, you can simply scan it using the camera and all the entries will be imported and attached with the expenses category. You can also view colorful reports displayed in form of graphs based on a variety of criteria’s. This app is available for free on iOS, windows and Android

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