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Eid and rewards of employees and retirees of the state were announced

News Summary:

The government spokesman announced the amount of salary and final reward for the staff and retirees of the government

News Content:

Eid and last year rewards of employees and retirees of the government 603 thousand and 500 USD

The government spokesman announced the amount of salary and last year's rewards for retirement workers and retirees.

According to the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), Mohammad Baqer Nobakht told reporters at his weekly meeting: The amount of salary and final remuneration for the employees and retirees of the government is 603,500 tomans, which will be paid in February.

The government spokesman also congratulated the Fajr Decade on today's meeting: the Defense Minister presented a comprehensive report on the successful launch of the fourth Fajr Fajr, called Fajr Omid, and it should be said that this valuable knowledge, which is always considered by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the authority Our national revolution will be considered in the Council of Ministers and emphasized that in the development of this aspect and other advanced sciences, all power and service of the state will be occupied.

He added: "On this basis, the Space Research Institute's funding was paid 100 percent, and the government decided to provide the Ministry of Communications with the responsibility for the spatial organization to grow this knowledge. Meanwhile, the government thinks that its own thinking and hope will preserve this knowledge properly and promote this knowledge.

Nobakht added that the government today approved the payment of 1,488 billion USD for paying the demands of the Cultural Fund and the Pension Fund and related health insurance funds.

Referring to the meeting of the Supreme Council for Non-oil Exports and the statistics announced therein, he said, according to the report that was announced at the meeting, the announced figures for the 36-year sanctions are reasonable. Exports of gas condensates in the first ten months of 1993 reached 12.1 trillion dollars, up 41% from exports of $ 8.5 billion in the first ten months of the year.

He added: "Industrial exports also increased from $ 10.2 billion in the first ten months of the year to $ 10.6 trillion in the first ten months of the year. In petrochemicals, we saw that from 9.2 tenths of a billion dollars from the 10 months of the year 92 to 12.8 trillion dollars in the 10 months of 1393 reached 39%.

The government spokesman said: "Agricultural crops have risen from $ 2.7 billion in the first ten months of the year to $ 3.8 trillion in the first ten months of the year." We also grew about 3% in the mine and from $ 7.7 trillion to $ 9.7 trillion, or 26%, in the first ten months of the year, from $ 7.7 trillion. Meanwhile, our carpets and handicrafts grew by 16% .

Nakwhakht further emphasized that all the efforts of the malicious revolutionists were to try to create a cause for the system and cause dissatisfaction of our people. In the following, the statistical analysis of the growth of exports in the first ten months of 1993 compared to the first ten months of the year 92 percent in different parts of the country and said that in propylene 85 percent growth, polyethylene increased by 39 percent, botanum increased by 42 percent, methanol increased by 28 percent, oil bitumen grew by 20 percent, steel products grew by 57 percent, and tourism grew by 88 percent. Transit increased by 22%.

He also pointed to the countries where our exports grew to them, saying that exports to China grew by 48%, Iraq 3% growth, the UAE 5% growth, Turkey 26% growth, Turkmenistan 17% growth, Pakistan 49% growth and Hong Kong has grown by 120% in the first ten months of 1993 compared to the 10 months of the year.

He pointed out that the growth of exports to the Asian continent rose 14 percent to Europe 34.4, to 55.2 percent to Pacific, while the growth of our exports to the US was negative by 23 percent.

According to Novakhet, referring to the statistics of the National Development Fund's reserves, the sources we have achieved at the end of the first six months of 2011 at the National Development Fund amounted to 67 billion and 910 million dollars.

He added: In the first six months of this year, only $ 7 billion and $ 130 million were added to the fund, and the balance of fund reserves in the first six months amounted to 49 billion and 495 million dollars.

The spokesman for the government noted: "In addition to the fact that exports increased in 2014 compared to 1392, the resources provided to the lending fund amounted to over $ 50 billion, which is being made available to the private sector.

The government spokesman, pointing to the launch of the Fajr satellite, stated: "The government has been enduring its resistance and resistance to protect the full rights of the Iranian people and to reduce the cruel sanctions and make economic growth positive."

In response to the question of whether the government has authorized the entry of 2,500 luxury cars to the country, Nobakht said: "No government has basically issued such a license, we can import a fire truck that is expensive, But this does not mean the entrance of luxury cars.

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