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5Minute Meditation Quickie With Benefits

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Both Fern Langham and Sarah Anne Stewart left high-impact, health-compromising jobs that drove them to the brink of destruction, physically and mentally. To reverse the cycle of stress, they began a regimen of yoga and meditation—now, they’re teaching others how to escape the wheel with Charlotte’s Book-approved Bliss Out Wellness.

Here, Fern and Sarah tell their story and offer a straightforward guide to starting your own meditation practice. Think you don’t have time to meditate? You’re wrong: all you need is five minutes each day!

Finding Peace from Within

Did those quick-fixes work in the long run? Clearly, no. Through years of some serious trial and error, we have learned that, ultimately, peace starts from within.

This very powerful tool—meditation—helped us to overcome ailments ranging from an autoimmune thyroid condition, to adrenal fatigue, anxiety, and even eating disorders. This ancient healing practice changed everything.

Why Meditation Works: The Mind-Body Connection

Today, as holistic health and wellness entrepreneurs and business partners, we deeply understand how the mind-body connection works by using the power of thoughts and emotions to control physical health. Simply channeling your mind to influence your body can be one of the greatest forces for health and longevity.

Even if you’re doing all the nutritional and supplementation protocol suggested by your medical practitioner, your body may not heal as quickly or as strongly if your mind is not in alignment with a state of healing. Through working with hundreds of clients, we have found that meditation can be a key ingredient to healing, especially when coupled with other mind-body therapies and practices. This is very important when healing an internal condition such as thyroid dysfunction, an autoimmune disease, or even cancer. Just as a house will fall to the ground without its foundation, your body can often become chronically sick without a mind focused on health and happiness.

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