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10Ways You Can Hack Your Body-Part 1

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1. Upgrade your memory

Last fall, DARPA announced plans to develop a “wireless, fully implantable neural-interface medical device” to help victims of traumatic brain injury. These chips, called Restoring Active Memory (RAM — yes really), aim to identify how the brain stores memories and then replicate them digitally. Soon, you may no longer have an excuse for forgetting your spouse’s birthday.

2. The broadband brain

Another DARPA initiative, called Neural Engineering System Design, aims to create a high-speed interface that will enable digital devices to communicate with up to a million neurons at a time. This could allow for much higher resolution visual and auditory signals to reach optic or cochlear implants, or enable EEGs to collect brain wave data using thousands of channels instead of 100. (Illustration: DARPA)

3. Bionic eyes

Last June, surgeons in the UK installed the first “bionic” retina in a patient suffering from age-related macular degeneration. The device receives signals from a camera embedded in a pair of glasses, sending a partial image to a receiver attached to the optic nerve

4. Super hearing

Bionic ears, too? You heard that right. In 2013, researchers at Princeton cooked up a 3D printed ear made from cartilage and electronics that could pick up frequencies a million times higher than human ears


5. 3D-printed bones                    

Blow out your kneecap or break your hip? Here, let us print you a new one. So far, doctors have used 3D printing techniques to create replacement knees, hip joints, jawbones — even skulls (shown here) — and successfully implant them into humans. So if those tired old bones start aching, you can just order up some new ones

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