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10ways You Can Hack Your Body-Part 2

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6. Lab-grown organs

Researchers are working on similar 3D-printing technology to grow hearts, lungs, kidneys, and livers in the lab, using a recipient’s own stem cells to ensure perfectly compatible replacements. Though lab-grown human transplants are still many years away, this technique could eventually supplant contributions from organ donors as a way to prolong human lives.

7. Digital arms and legs

In June 2014, researchers at Johns Hopkins attached the first mind-controlled artificial arms — prosthetics that could respond directly to signals from the brain — to a 59-year-old double amputee. The devices contain more than 100 sensors, which could theoretically restore physical sensations to the limbs.

8. Magnetic fingertips and glow-in-the-dark skin

Self-proclaimed biohackers are implanting electronics under their skin. Why? Apparently, tattoos and piercings are just not painful enough. Subcutaneous magnets inserted in one’s fingers allow their owners to detect minute magnetic fields (and, presumably, rescue small metallic objects from tight spaces). LED lights implanted in the fatty tissue of the epidermis don’t do anything practical, but look cool in a Robocop kind of way.

9. Super-human strength

Ekso Bionics’ wearable, battery-powered exo-skeleton (shown here) can restore mobility to people who have limited control over their lower extremities. Cyberdyne’s Hybrid Assistive Lab (HAL) suit, which allows healthy people to carry up to ten times more weight than they normally could, is already in use in Japan.


10. Digital immortality

Instead of putting technology into different organs in your body, some companies want to put your organs into tech. For example: Australian startup Humai Techhopes to take your brain, freeze it after you die, and (at some future date) pop it back into a cybernetic organism with all of your memories and personality intact.

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