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Surprising Sources of Protein

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Protein does more than just build strong muscles.

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Protein does more than just build strong muscles. It also strengthens bones, increases satiety, protects against heart disease, and helps support a healthy immune system.

Beans are well-known for being high in fiber, but did you know they are also high in protein? Beans are a wonderful source of protein, ranging from 10-18 grams per cup.

Quinoa Another surprising source of high-quality protein is quinoa. Quinoa, a seed that's commonly thought of as a grain, was originally cultivated by the Incas in South America but is gaining popularity worldwide. A quarter-cup of cooked quinoa provides 5 grams of protein. It is especially rich in the amino acid lysine, which is important for tissue growth and repair. Quinoa works well in soups and salads and can easily serve as a substitute for rice in most recipes.

Soybeans  Soybeans are the only vegetables that are a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine of the essential amino acids--amino acids that our bodies can not make and must be obtained from food. In fact, soybeans produce more than two times as much protein per acre of land than any other crop of vegetable or grain. 

Nuts and Seeds Nuts and seeds are also a meat-free protein source. A one ounce serving of most nuts and seeds provide about 6-9 grams of protein.

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