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I Put a Sleep Tracker Under My Sheet and It Changed My Life

News Summary:

research shows that nearly half of Americans are regularly affected by lack of sleep. So what gives

News Content:

Sleep—we all know it restores energy, helps manage appetite, protects against illnesses, and is generally essential for all-around good health.

And yet, research shows that nearly half of Americans are regularly affected by lack of sleep. So what gives?

For me, like lots of women, nighttime procrastination is a real problem. I know that I need to get to bed, and yet, I just want to watch one more episode of Mozart in the Jungle, or check my Instagram feed one last time, or… you get the idea.

Then, at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference last fall, I met a representative from Beddit, a company that makes sleep trackers. I was intrigued, if a bit skeptical. What was I supposed to do with all the feedback? And did I have to wear anything? (I’m just not into the wearable devices.)

Turns out, with Beddit you don’t need to sport anything on your wrist or head; you simply attach the device to your mattress and link it to your smartphone. I couldn’t think of any excuses. I figured it was worth a shot.There’s a lot to like about Beddit ($119, For one, it’s really easy to use. You download the free app and attach the thin, flat sensor to your mattress under the sheet (and mattress pad, if you use one). It’s as simple as placing a sticker. When you’re ready to hit the hay, you open the app and press “sleep.” The app indicates that it’s tracking you, and you’re off to dreamland.


In the morning, Beddit will wake you up if you like. There’s a regular alarm (you can even set a backup, and a backup to the backup) and a “smart” alarm, which will rouse you up to 30 minutes before your desired time but during a lighter sleep stage, so (in theory, at least) it’s easier and less painful to wake up.

Once you’re conscious you press “I’m up,” and the app gives you an overall score for the quality of your sleep, as well as other data such as your average heart rate and respiration. It also makes observations about variations in your heart rate, anomalies in your respiration, and how long it took you to doze off.

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