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(fifteen Science Backed Ways to Make Any Workout Feel Easier (part.1

News Summary:

researchers found that changing how you think about side stitches and muscle fatigue changes how much they hurt.

News Content:

1.Craft the Perfect Playlist

And invest in a smartphone armband if you don’t already have one. In a 2015 study from McMaster University in Canada, when researchers had people perform high-intensity workouts they didn’t feel their workout getting any harder when they were also listening to their favorite songs.

2. Exercise With Others

Workout buddies and classes are about way more than accountability. It turns out, people have double the pain tolerance (and double the endorphin boost!) when they perform workouts together versus solo, according to Oxford University research.

3. Keep Your Eyes Straight Ahead

On runs, walks and bike rides, it can be tempting to look around and take in the sights, but according to one 2014 New York University study of walkers, it’s in your best interest to narrow your gaze. In the study, researchers found that people who looked straight ahead while walking a course thought the finish line was 28 percent closer and walked 23 percent faster than those who let their eyes wander. They also said the workout felt easier.

4. Drink Some Java  

Caffeine can do more than get you through a 3 p.m. slump. In one Appetite study, cyclists who downed caffeine an hour before taking the saddle ranked their workouts as being less difficult and more pleasurable compared to the non-caffeinated riders.

5. Change the Way You Think About Pain

No pain, no gain? Not quite. In a 2015 PLoS One study, researchers found that changing how you think about side stitches and muscle fatigue changes how much they hurt. For instance, by thinking “this is the feeling of my body changing,” your workout will feel less, well, painful than if you just think, “this is hard!”

6. Look in the Mirror

It’s about more than vanity: If you watch yourself as you bop along on the treadmill, you’ll do a better job at sticking to your own gait pattern, expend less mental energy and feel like every step is just a little bit easier than if you look at other things like a weight stack or fitness poster, per one Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise experiment.

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