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(Fifteen Science-Backed Ways to Make Any Workout Feel Easier (part.2

News Summary:

just looking at a sports drink or water bottle made people feel like they could exercise longer.

News Content:

7. Eat Some Beets

Whether whole or in juice form, beets contain nitrates to help more blood and oxygen reach your muscles with every breath.

8. Cool Down Before You Warm Up

Downing an icy beverage before you work out can boost how long and hard you can exercise before hitting “the wall,” especially when you’re sweating it out in hot and humid temps, per 2016 research in Gait Posture.

9. Down a Sports Drink

Sports drinks are part physical, part mental. While in one 2015 Nutrients study the carbs and electrolytes in sports drinks fueled people to help them run 16 percent longer before they zonked out, a previous Psychology of Sport and Exercise study found that just looking at a sports drink or water bottle made people feel like they could exercise longer.

10. Get a Light-Emitting Alarm Clock

Waking up to bright light does more than help you drag yourself out of bed in the morning. According to 2014 research from the University College London, exposing your eyes to light 30 minutes before your alarm goes off and throughout the morning hours helps increase oxygen flow to your muscles, boosting physical performance big time.

11 . Time it Right

Some of us are morning people. Others, not so much. Know which one you are. You’ll perceive any workout to be easier if you perform it during your own peak hours, suggests 2014 research from the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

12. Have a Pre-Workout Snack

Not having eaten within a couple of hours makes workouts feel so much tougher, per 2014 research in Sport Sciences for Health. Plus, it makes you get less out of every rep.

13. Take a Warm Bath

Forget the ice baths. Soaking in a hot bath after each workout isn’t just more enjoyable, it makes subsequent workouts, especially in the heat, feel easier, per 2015 research from Bangor University in the U.K.

 14. Check Your Iron Levels

In one University of Melbourne study looking at women of reproductive age, those who increased their iron intake were able to exercise more efficiently and with a lower heart rate.

15. Get Better Sleep

Exercise makes it easier to sleep, sure. But sleep makes exercise even easier. It turns out, the longer it takes you to fall asleep and the less time you spend snoozing tonight, the less time you’ll spend at the gym before you’ve just got to call it quits, according to research in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

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